2656 - Procedure Code: Example Products: 9 CFR References: FSIS Issuance References: Inspection Personnel Responsibilities: 04B03 - Net weight All products must carry a net weight statement and meet the net weight requirements whether the containers are catch weighed or bear a stated net content.. Contact. For detailed contact information see section Offices. In case you want to work with us, please send us your CV through section Work with us. In case you want to contact us please fill the following form and we will contact you the. Уважаемые пассажиры! В расписании возможны изменения! Актуальное расписание на дату поездки смотрите здесь. Расписание поезда "Ласточка" по маршруту Москва – Иваново (перевозчик – ДОСС).

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